Sitemap - 2023 - Real China Charts

The Confidence Map (a book by Peter Atwater), what can China's leaders learn?

14 charts on China's economy, a mixed picture

Pre-Three Red Lines banks sought to limit lending to developers

China's property market anecdotes and inventory absorption

Does China still need to modernize?

Wise netizens predict the future (translation)

Timing a bottom and improving US-China relations

"The most dangerous time we've seen in decades"

Real estate conundrum, Retail sales still well below trend & Don't lose your makers (skilled producers)

Retail sales ceiling?, CPI commodity components and Chart roundup

Chart Roundup: LGFVs-our view, PMIs, Employment, Foreign capital outflows, Fund flows, Chip equipment, Insurance, Indirect taxes

China's wage and income data, Confidence improving?

Chinese consumption downgrade, home prices decline worse than official figures suggest

THE BRIEF: July CPI release- persistent deflation?, healthcare gets a probe, LGFV debt restructuring

THE BRIEF: State vs Private Enterprise

THE BRIEF: Chinese consumer languishing or recovering, Willingness to save remains high, China in a Balance Sheet Recession

THE BRIEF: Eventful week, Retail sales, Economists speak up, EU trade in autos, Charts brief

THE BRIEF: LGFVs "Tapped Out", 2023 births look to drop, Subway traffic signals, US-China relations, Service announcement

THE BRIEF: Household deposits and home sales update, China's 70-City price change data, CNY weakness linked to sentiment, Youth unemployment situation and Notable reads

The China vs US Culture Map

THE BRIEF: Michael Pettis on China's dying economic growth model, Beijing can't pause economic development for long, Canton fair weak, PCAOB inspections

THE BRIEF: March retail sales, Industrial production, Differentials, Jobless rate, Notable reads

THE BRIEF: PMIs, PBOC surveys, Real Estate, CNY trade volumes in Russia, US chipmaking headwinds

Indicator Dive: Retail Sales

The Brief: global value chains, real estate, coal power more expensive, global trade signposts, transcript mining

The Brief: Reopening(!), retail sales, China luxury market, airline passengers, real estate sentiment, luxury earnings highlights

THE BRIEF: What's behind high household net deposits, Consumer confidence, Business conditions, PBOC urban depositor survey